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Saturday, 13 August 2016 09:11

Pokémon Go Craze Hits The Menifee Valley Featured

Written by  Michelle Mears-Gerst
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The days of parents telling their children to stop playing video games and get fresh air may be ending. The virtual and real world have collided. How they mesh is playing out in communities nationwide.

Children of all ages and adults have been leaving their homes to venture around town, including parks and businesses.

This Pokemon Go craze is taking place across the nation including here in the Valley.

Pokeman Go is a hit with kids

Homeowners around Menifee for example, have been posting questions on local Facebook group pages perplexed over the recent influx of youth around their neighborhood.

The game is growing a huge following turning indoor game enthusiasts into outdoor hiking junkies stems from the Pokémon Go smartphone and android app that hit the market July 6.

The overnight fad for the Japanese gaming company Nintendo just saw a $9 billion increase in their market value. The free app, is available for Apple iOS and Google Android. It is reported to have as many daily active users as Twitter.  Menifee is a hot spot for Pokeman Go

Pokémon started in 1990 by a video game designer name Satoshi Taiirj. Taiirj combined his love of catching insects with his love of video games.

Taiirj was concerned with the increase urbanization of society that kids didn’t experience nature like they used to before gaming. It took six years before the first Pokémon which means, “pocket monsters” to be released on Game Boy.

There are 151 different monsters people can catch playing Pokémon, with the most popular being Pikachu.

Daytona Glasgow, age 17 said she and her friend spend up to five hours a day walking around parks catching Pokémon characters.

“I like how it is bringing the community together,” said Glasgow.

“Everyone is super nice, we are making friends and uniting under Pokémon,” said Monica Puppe, age 18. Puppe said there was a crowd of 60 to 70 young adults out at till 2 a.m. playing Pokémon Go.

Mom and daughter take walks playing Pokemon Go Jenny Loomis, a mother and resident was walking around the Lake Harveston with her daughter Brooke playing Pokémon Go.

“I am always trying to get my daughter to go for a walk around the lake and she always turns me down, expect for tonight,” said Jenny Loomis.

“I wanted to catch Pokémon’s so I went for a walk tonight,” said Brooke Loomis.

“She is spending quality time now with mom,” said Jenny Loomis.

Michelle Alvalos brought her son and his friend out to the lake to catch Pokémon characters because although she likes the game she thinks younger children shouldn’t go out alone.

“It is a very innocent game very interactive as long as you put regulations on it, “said Avalos. “Let children know to not cross the street while watching their phone, don’t go out by yourself.”

Pokemon Go is fun but be safe

Safety of Pokémon

The Pokémon Go privacy policy by Niantic says it may collect your email address, IP address, the web page you were using before logging into Pokémon Go, your username and location. For those signing in with Google and use an iOS device, Niantic can gain access to your entire Google account. If this system gets hacked user are vulnerable to having a lot of information that could be compromised.

Riverside Sheriff Department and the Local Police Department are also concerned with another type of safety with Pokémon Go users.

The RSO wrote on their Facebook page:

- Know your surroundings: Pay attention to where you are going and who is around you.

- Do not play while driving...we’re watching!

- Do not go onto private property, dark alleys, or areas that you usually would not go if you weren’t playing the game.

- Do not stop in the middle of the road while playing, and look both ways before crossing

Lastly, set boundaries for children on where they can go, so they don’t keep going trying to get the Pokémon.

So as you battle, train, and capture your Pokémon, just remember - You’re still in the real world.

Stay safe and happy hunting.

Our Local Police Department wrote, “Our dispatchers are getting calls of suspicious subjects all over the city that are actually playing the game and collecting the Pokémon characters using a mobile app.


If your kids are playing the mobile app (or you are, we won't tell) take the advice that Whittier Police Department has shared- "always be aware of your surroundings, go out with a group, no driving and catching, and no catching while crossing streets. At night, stay at busy, well lighted public places. Avoid dark alleys and walkways. Have fun and be safe."

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