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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 05:50

California Docu Film Festival - December 7 thru 11 at Santa Rosa Academy and Mount San Jacinto College Featured

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MENIFEE will host inaugural California Docu Film Festival between December 7 and 11, 2016. Two institutions, Santa Rosa Academy and Mount San Jacinto College have been chosen as favorite locations for this festival. The DocuFilm festival presents an opportunity to showcase Menifee to the rest of the world, as a city with resources that are useful to the Hollywood entertainment industry. Hundreds of local students and aspiring filmmakers who have passion in the film and entertainment industry will utilize this occasion to book for internships with celebrities and their companies.

Menifee Documentary Film Festival is designed to highlight real-time issues within the community, the state, and the documentary film industry. The welcome cocktail traditionally take place on the first Sunday of the festival, and it’s designed to bring together celebrities, event organizers, authority, and community elect members in a meet and present and take opportunities grand event.

The Festival is extended from Dec 5th to Dec 12th where the main VIP events will be in between. The entire time adds to most important activities of the 2016 holiday after a surprise election. The community and visitors demand to watch as much as 29 fresh Docu films released in 2016. Visitors and guests also demand for entertainment from the community that will be showcased at the following events:

  • The Millennial Night Out: A music night and the concert of the event
  • Young Hollywood Native American Artistic Night: Aimed at bringing native nations and young artists together.
  • Santa Rosa Sports Night: To inspire the youth’s potential
  • President’s Reception: A project lifestyle
  • ICONS Reception and Gala Dinner: Also known as Hollywood night.
  • Awards Ceremony and
  • Mt. San Jacinto Finale

The lists of notable premier inaugural documentaries of interest expected to attract the largest number of audience are Citizen Shimon, Maestro At Home, and America’s Son: JFK JR.

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Menifee Mayor Scott Mann hooked Docu Film organizer across the globe to bring the inaugural festival to this community. The selling point being a strategic location between Palm Springs and Los Angeles. The festival will boost the growth and expansion of Menifee, and give a reason why residents voted for the measure to reconstruct the city’s infrastructure.

The beneficiaries of the California Documentary Festival include three institutions: A city and community of Menifee, a high school, and a college. These residential institutions benefit as much as the Docu Film producers/makers who will inaugurate their products. Mayor Scott Mann admits that arrangements are in order to help local students from the secondary and college section to brush shoulders with Hollywood’s fine investors. It will be an event full of opportunities for the City of Menifee. The festival has a mutual benefit relationship where each participant will bring and take something from the events table.

Menifee Docu Film organizers are kind to attendants. Most of those who will attend will be catered for. It is noted that the local residents attend for free.

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