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Sunday, 13 November 2016 07:57

The Homeless In Menifee Featured

Written by  Michelle Rivas
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Homeless individuals in a city or town has never been anything new. It’s a harrowing sight to see from time to time. Have we actually taken in depth view on what the homeless culture is actually like and what it is in our city?

Ted Groves, a Menifee resident, recently interviewed homeless people. It is heartbreaking but extremely insightful view on what’s going on in our city without us even being aware.

The first homeless person that Groves interviewed is a man by the name of Ryan. Ryan’s last name is unknown since most homeless individuals do lose a sense of family and identity being out on their own.

Ryan was at the AM/PM on Newport Road. He has lived in Menifee for 12 years. He picks up bottles on the street just to subsist day by day. He wakes up every day and works late into the night. It’s better off that way he says so he doesn't bother the community. He tries his best not to be a nuisance. He makes up to $40 a day sometimes just picking up bottles alone.

In regards to the police officers, Ryan carries his sign and people don’t have to give him anything. They can just go on with their day. He's not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Ted Groves says he’s not bothering anyone, he’s surviving every day that he can. But Ryan feels threatened by police officers, “I feel hopeless because I can’t be in the place that I love. I get stopped every single day of my life by officers just for riding by” says Ryan. He admits he has problems stem from drug abuse. He is willing to enter any type of rehabilitation program to get help and turn his life around.

Ryan discussed the different places that homeless people inhabit for shelter including tunnels off Newport Road where at least 6 to 10 people are currently living in, including veterans.

Ted Groves had the opportunity and honor to speak to Robbie, a homeless Veteran, who was an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper from North Carolina. Robbie was born in 1950, whose dad also served in the military. When Robbie was asked if he was homeless, he replied with a very inspiring response: “As long as you have a roof over your head and a citizen of this great country, you are blessed and that’s all that matters.”

Ted has interviewed a slew of homeless individuals around Menifee, and it’s appalling to learn about their living situations and the bizarre places they inhabit, including rural land, behind stores, or even just on the sidewalk. He has footage of all these interviews. You can go on his Facebook page to view them at:

There are places of refuge and resources that can be contacted if you or someone you know is homeless.  The HOPE Program, The Place Safe Haven Program, the Menifee Community Cup Program are operated in Riverside. The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard donates food to those in need. It is a great resource for someone who has fallen on hard times, especially the homeless.

For more information you may contact these organizations listed below:

The Hope Program: 951-715-5050

The Place Safe Haven Program 951-779-3057


The Menifee Valley Community Cupboard 951-301-4414

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