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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 17:20

State Announces New Gas And Vehicle License Fees Featured

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Governor Jerry Brown has announced a new budgeting that will see $52 billion go into the transportation system improvement within the State of California. Part of collecting this large amount of money is a proposed increase of gas tax and vehicle license fees within California. The governor's legislature cites California's roads and general transportation system as wanting major repairs to improve transit, enhance convenience and safety.

The proposal to increase gas tax is halfway accepted and will see an increase on gas by 12% per gallon beginning this year with future increases depending on several factors including inflation and new budgetary needs.

The transportation development from the high office in California State means that the City of Menifee standards to benefit instantly. The governor’s office will send approximately $4.2 million annually to the City of Menifee as the share of the city’s gas and vehicle license fees collection revenue. You remember this fee was stopped six years ago and was the main reason why the City's lawmakers created Measure DD for the same purpose as that Governor Jerry Brown is establishing.

The new development in the State of California leaves many residents wondering what will happen to Measure DD that was passed in last election to increase the tax to raise funds for repairing and maintaining roads within Menifee City Council jurisdiction? Speculations of the least that can happen is welcoming the new taxes and reversing the withheld vehicle license fees that belong to Menifee by the State government.

At Menifee, we are yet to hear comments from our Mayor Neil Winter about the increase in gas tax. Apparently, we expect the legislative executive in Menifee to approve the move to raise gas and vehicle license taxes. This means more tax on top of our recent approval of an increase of 1% sales tax. At least we do not expect tax increase reversal once it has been approved and effected.

However, there will be instant improvement of roads, streets and any transportation related infrastructure within Menifee. The funds once submitted to the City Council of Menifee will be put into good budgeting for roads construction and maintenance.

Menifee residents have already raised their voices thanks to social media viral news. Some residents are disapproving the Governor’s move, but most of the reaction comments want their 1% sales tax back to their pockets now that the DMV fees, in addition to gas tax, are coming back to Menifee council.


For Menifee residents, Measure DD will remain effective. In addition to the newly proposed and increase in gas tax and vehicle license levy, let’s say the City Council will have adequate funds for transportation infrastructure and we are not expecting to hear about the budgetary deficit for the purpose of repairing and maintaining roads and streets in coming days.

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