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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 17:51

Positive Progress During People’s State Of The City 2017 Meeting Featured

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Speaking at the annual State of the City meeting, the city bosses led by Mayor Neil Winter, admitted that there is a positive outlook with the city’s progress.

Addressing the People’s State of the City meeting, and his first State of the City address since his election, the mayor remained optimistic of the accomplishments that the city had made in the past 6 months since he assumed office.


Menifee City and the current administration has many reasons to thank God because majority of the city's news has revolved around positive development and inflowing finances. The city's growth remained the key address from leaders who gave their official address and reports about the State of the City in their respective institutions.

Positive Finance news has been flowing to Menifee since the passage of Measure DD that aimed at increasing the sales tax. The latest formal financial announcement came from the California State Governor Jerry Brown. In May, Mr. Brown signed a bill that reversed the Vehicle License Fees to local cities. From this bill Menifee benefited with an additional cash of $6 million, money that has been diverted from Menifee and all other cities in California since 2011.

With excess funds in the budget since the city's birth, Neil Winter indicated that the city would introduce a reserve fund and $2 million will open the reserve account. His speech and speech from other guests were full of respective department/agency accomplishment. The mayor reported the major cities accomplishment since he took office. He was quoted saying “We got our VLF fees back,” in reference to the Vehicle License Fee reversal.

Other accomplishments that Neil mentioned included the completion of the Newport Road Interchange Project. Not Neil alone, but everybody in Menifee has experienced the changes that the new interchange road has brought. The flow of traffic has vastly improved, and pain of struggling infrastructure development is history in Menifee especially when the city is thriving on extra in its budget.


Neil revealed that the Scott Road project would be completed even with the Newport Road interchange because there is enough funds, energy and will stakeholders to have this project complete. As Neil said: "This project will be monumental for the City of Menifee and neighboring communities." Neil is lucky to have been leading the city during the current historical financial success and this gives him an opportunity to present a speech full of positive accomplishment and the city’s immediate future vision.

Other notable select speakers in the 2017 People’s State of the City were Dan McLaughlin, the CEO of Menifee Valley Medical Center where he represented his hospital and defended the facility's recent accomplishments and future vision and Dr. Roger Schultz. Dr. Schultz spoke on behalf of Mt. San Jacinto College and also addressed the college's recent development and plans.


The theme of this year’s State of the City meeting, which was held on June 15th,  2017, at Menifee Lake Country Club was Growth and Development. Any resident can testify that the city has moved a step towards its promising of quality life to its residents at least in the past six months.


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